cut tuna for sushi

How to Cut Tuna for Sushi

Cutting Sushi Fish | Tuna

Cutting changes the taste and texture of the Sushi Fish, especially for Tuna. Not only the taste and texture but also it’s visual appearance after slicing tuna for sushi make a huge difference. Throw an extravagant Sushi Party with tuna sushi. This simple 2 steps method may seem easy but it’s harder than you think.

You Will Need

how to cut tuna for sushi

  • Fillet of Sushi Grade Tuna
  • Very Sharp Knife, well shaped
  • Cutting board
  • Clean kitchen towel


3 x 10 cm, 1.2 x 4 inch

Weight per slice

12 – 15 g, 0.5 ounce

Choosing the best Tuna for Sushi

Must choose Sushi Grade Fish.

Nice red coloured Tuna with few streaks.

Note that if you get a frozen tuna, the best colour of it may appear when the surface starts melting, but loses its colour when its completely unfrozen.

If the edge of tuna fillet is partly melted and has bright red coloured, it is more likely to keep its colour after making sushi.

How to hold knife to cut Sushi Fish

Prepare very sharp knife with a good length of a blade of  21 cm (8 inch) or more.

Without a very tight grip, place the index finger on top of the handle.

Double check the Sushi Fish Size you want

Place the knife on the tuna fillet and the size you see on the left hand side will be the size of Sushi Fish you’ll slice. (3 x 10 cm, 1.2 x 4 inch is recommended)

Slice Sushi Fish

tuna sushi with good stripes

This is the strips you want for Sushi fish. Try to cut to get sideway stripes.

  1. Place the bottom part of knife on the fillet of tuna.
  2. Slide the knife pulling forward.

Do not push the fillet with your knife.


  • Wipe the cutting board well with kitchen paper before you cut.
  • Cut off the skin of tuna fillet to make it easier to slice.
  • Check the streaks of fillet, place the knife blade almost 90 degree to the streaks. Remember not to cut in aiming right on top of streaks of tuna.
  • Try to use the full length of knife blade from the bottom to the top pulling towards you.
  • Don’t hold the knife too tight, image you are cutting it with your elbo not with your wrist.
  • Tuna meat has many streaks, cutting the streaks is the key to serve tuna with nice texture.
  • Wipe the knife blade.